10 students that journalists should follow on Twitter

After sending her a topic idea for this week’s #collegejourn — an online discussion for college journalists — Suzanne Yada told me “the pros are certainly invited.” I laughed and replied that “the way I see it, college students are the experts.”

So here is a list of 10 experts that tweeting journalists should follow. I’m also including links to their blogs [b] and, since most of them are on other networks, links to their Delicious [d], Publish2 [p2], and Wired Journalists [wj] pages.

  1.  @alanataylor: Alana Taylor, journalism student at NYU [b – p2]
  2.  @BenLaMothe: Ben LaMothe, ePublishing graduate student at City University London [b]
  3.  @ckanal: Craig Kanalley, journalism graduate student at DePaul University [b – p2  – wj]
  4.  @danielbachhuber: Daniel Bachhuber, junior environmental sciences and journalism student at the University of Oregon [b – dwj]
  5.  @emilyingram: Emily Ingram, news-editorial and advertising student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln [b – dp2  – wj]
  6.  @emilykostic: Emily Kostic, journalism student at Rowan University [b  – wj]
  7.  @greglinch: Greg Linch, journalism and political science student at University of Miami [b – dp2  – wj]
  8.  @joeybaker: Joey Baker, communications photography and political science student at Syracuse University [b – p2  – wj]
  9.  @laurenmichell: Lauren Michell, journalism/new media student Cal Poly [b – p2  – wj]
  10.  @suzanneyada: Suzanne Yada,  journalism and business student at San Jose State University [b – dp2  – wj]

You can catch all of their tweets in the rightmost column of this journalism TweetGrid, which also includes 48 other Twitter users recommended by Mark S. Luckie and Paul Bradshaw.

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  1. Thanks for this! Glad to know a little snippet of conversation inspired this great list. I can vouch for each and every single one on this list. They're all superb.

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