Reader, what’s wrong with Twitter news on Chrome OS or Michael Jackson?

Countless articles are being written everyday about how people are turning to Twitter to find news about evolving events and news, like Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Many will likely turn to Twitter today to follow news of Google’s Chrome OS.

If you use Twitter to track news, or have given up on it as a news-tracking service, I want to know what do you find lacking? Too many rumors? Too much personal observation? Not enough personal observation? Repetition? If you’re perfectly satisfied with it, please let me know that, too. Please leave your reply in the comments below.

Joey Baker alerted me to Twazzup, which organizes topic-related tweets into a more understandable presentation. Is this enough? Click on the images to see Twazzup’s pages about Michael Jackson and Chrome OS.

Twazzup results for Michael Jackson

Here is a peak at Twazzup’s Chrome OS page.

Twazzup page on Chrome OS

3 thoughts on “Reader, what’s wrong with Twitter news on Chrome OS or Michael Jackson?

    • I've always thought that Twitterfall running on a big screen in a newsroom, with searches for hot local issues, could help show non-tweeting journalists how Twitter can sometimes be used for reporting.

      Twazzup includes a Twitterfall-like filtered stream, but it's other features differentiate it from other flashy Twitter search services: top trendmakers, related photos (from Twitpic), most popular links, contributors, and even the mysterious "featured tweets" help me identify important information quickly.

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