22 futures of journalism, 2009 timeline

I’ve been running into so many discussions and predictions about the future of journalism that I’ve started bookmarking them with the tag “futureofjournalism.” I did not include the May Senate hearing only because it seemed fairly inconclusive.

From that collection, here is a timeline of 22 articles and blog posts from this year that contain some idea about what journalism will look like in the future. (Click on headings to see the original web pages.)

Update: Dipity makes this process so easy that I have added more events, and plan on throwing more into the mix as I stumble upon relevant links. Maybe this post should be titled “22+ futures of journalism, 2009 timeline”

3 thoughts on “22 futures of journalism, 2009 timeline

  1. Thank you for putting this together – I wondered if these events should be aggregated somehow. Incidentally I have been to four such events this past year, should I send to you?

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