Links improve diversity and analytic depth

To the question “Is the Ash Cloud dangerous to flights?” Charlie Beckett writes that the honest answer is “I don’t know.” Journalism, tasked with sifting through complexity to find answers, is sometimes presented with a situation so chaotic that it defies the possiblity of deriving a correct answer. Beckett points to the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano as a perfect example of this type of event. But, buried in that chaotic ash, Beckett finds light in the “space of online.”

One of the positive aspects of digital journalism is that it allows the media to acknowledge this complexity. The space of online allows newsrooms to give a greater diversity of fact and opinion and more depth in analysis – if only by linking to sources.

Make sure to read Beckett’s full post, Complexity and the Media: Clegg and the Ash on the Polis Director’s Blog.

Image courtesy of Óli Jón via Flickr.