Journalism links and the blogging linkers

I love Mediagazer, and find my own The J Daily interesting, there are quite a few blogs that provide regular posts that round up news about news and journalism. Here are some for you to check out and add to your RSS reader.

2 thoughts on “Journalism links and the blogging linkers

  1. Cool. I really like Ryan's method. I'm conducting a one-week experiment on my own blog to make it more link-y/Tumblr-y and if it "works" and I decide to continue it, I may borrow his idea a bit.

    • Thanks! File this approach under:

      * Hey, isn't this what Will Sullivan did before Delicious?
      * Standing on the shoulders of giants like Matt Mullenweg's original Asides concept.
      * A complete lack of interest in trusting yet another social bookmarking startup with my metadata.

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