The plane in mainstream media’s backyard

One day after the US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing on the Hudson River, @JoshFialkoff (online marketing consultant Josh Fialkoff) asked for my take on a Hollywood Reporter article about mainstream media’s coverage of the news.

I was working while the events unfolded, so I didn’t witness the coverage. I saw the Hudson meme growing on Twitscoop, but didn’t click. The first shot I saw of the sinking plane actually came from mainstream media. CNN was on the TV in the break room when I went to grab my lunch.

The Twitter messages I gathered to create a Storytlr lifestream definitely support the article’s idea that news crews were quick to get broadcast video coverage and “move” text stories.

A slow response would have been quite embarassing for CBS News, whose headquarters are located “three blocks from the crash site,” according to the Reuters-distributed article.

Actually a slow response would have been embarassing for more than a handful of traditional news organizations located near the Hudson.

Take a look at my map of the plane’s flight (straight blue lines) along with some mainstream media companies (red pushpins).

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I am not a professional mapmaker, so I owe a lot to Gadgeteer for originally plotting the flight and sharing the source of the flight data they used.

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