Follow 50 recommended journalists on one screen

Journalists to followTweetGrid now lets you group up to 30 Twitter users into one search. Tie that together with its ability to display up to nine searches on one screen, and you’ve got an incredibly powerful tool. Are you using TweetGrid to monitor your beat?

I’ve taken tweeting journalists from Mark S. Luckie’s list of journalists to follow and Paul Bradshaw’s list of Twitter users every journalism student should follow and put them all on a single two-column TweetGrid page.

Looking for more journalists to follow? Try one of these lists:

Share your own list in the comments below, and take a look at my Delicious network’s list of web pages tagged “twitter” and “journalists”.

How are you using TweetGrid? What tools are you using to keep up with journalism?

Update: Paul Bradshaw, who compiled one of the lists I used for my grid, notes that a couple of the people he recommended are not journalists.

Update (2-19-09): The grid now contains a handful of journalism students, and can its permanent URL will is now