20 more of your favorite journalism tweets, she replied

I recently used Favstar to compile a list of 19 favorite links from people who frequently tweet about journalism. I plugged in users whom I fndou engaging and discovered that tweets from women on that list were not being “favorited” by many other Twitter users. Journalist and blogger Andria Krewson also noticed this disparity and suggested a few female users to include.

Those observations spurred a bit of research that found male journalists being followed three times more than their female colleagues. That post, in turn, sparked a #followwomenjournas movement and now, this list of decidedly feminine most-favorited tweets.

Please take the time to visit the Favstar page for each journalist. You’ll see that most of the tweets listed here were only favorited by two or three users.

  1. Amanda Maurer
    acmaurer Wow! I wish I had known about this sooner! 10 privacy settings every Facebook user should know: http://tr.im/eesc
  2. Cynthia McFadden
    CynthiaMcFadden Miley Cyrus pre-recording segment– ripping the roof off the Fox studio. One take.

    Studio is, of course, much smaller than you think.
  3. Mary Hartney
    maryvale WWGD author @jeffjarvis dips into the potential of Google Wave for news organizations. http://is.gd/Lvvz This is going to be amazing.
  4. Mindy McAdams
    macloo Free Web tutorials for online journalism classes – links from Mark Berkey-Gerard at Rowan University. http://bit.ly/rBxmB
  5. Shirley Brady
    shirleybrady RT @carinberger here is a real treasure trove of beautiful #type from the new york public library archives: http://bit.ly/1awcTb
  6. Amy Gahran
    agahran New online venture of ex-Rocky journos called “Rocky Mtn Independent” – @COindependent, whatcha think of that? http://bit.ly/zihie
  7. Linda Thomas
    TheNewsChick Great article – How to build a New Media Old School Journalism hybrid http://bit.ly/yBRlY
  8. Geneva Overholser
    genevaoh Part of discussion tonight on PBS re WashPost misstep. http://tinyurl.com/ny8c7e Always appreciate how NewsHour gives a topic time to run.
  9. Alison Gow
    alisongow Interesting – “I wasn’t going to Web pages any more. I was going to stream data and that was what I was consuming” http://is.gd/1x9DA
  10. Andria Krewson
    underoak Facebook at 5 from Newsweek. Quotes from @fstutzman, UNC guy who i’viewed some CLT Twitter folk: http://bit.ly/sg7p8 (via @smalljones)
  11. Chris Dunn
    christhedunn Number of times I’ve been (incorrectly) identified as male in an e-mail this summer: now updated to three times.
  12. Elaine Helm
    ehelm Advice for journalists and news orgs still trying to figure out what to do with this social media thing (via @KDMC) http://bit.ly/11k02K
  13. Michele Mclellan
    michelemclellan 2/2 … multiple editors late in process focus try to put their stamp either with changes or nits. I say this as a former ed who was guilty.
  14. Jen Lee Reeves
    jenleereeves Thanx to @emilysussman for this: The Death of Journalism – http://bit.ly/1rPIe [I think he has very good points. I don’t have the solution!]
  15. jujujuggles
    jujujuggles baby proofing!! did u know 15,00o kids a yr go to the ER from falling furniture?! http://bit.ly/ZCBw9
  16. Carrie Brown-Smith
    Brizzyc It’s been widely shared already, but this is absolute must-read 4 understanding newspaper industry problems & solutions: http://bit.ly/9sbq8
  17. Mathilde Piard
    mathildepiard Pbpost publisher Alex Taylor heads on to be a Cox Media Group VP & lead operations in Ohio http://bit.ly/sjBcL @valpass @BizWriterKristi
  18. Chrys Wu
    MacDivaONA Useful! @lifehacker ‘s “Definitive guide to finding free Wi-Fi”: http://bit.ly/lKjqG
  19. Lisa Sink
    LisaSink Will pay walls keep public service news from the public? Poynter’s Edmonds: http://bit.ly/35DFMM via @greglinch @yelvington
  20. Emily Ingram
    emilyingram Love it. @copress Excellent feedback for the new @dailytarheel that other student n/papers should take note of: http://bit.ly/3J8JOr ^db

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