19 of your favorite links from journalism Twitter users

The other day, I posted links to pages that shows heavily “favorited” tweets written by a 19 Twitter users who frequently tweet about journalism. The most favorited tweet from each person on that least contains a link. Here are the top (most favorited) tweets from each user.

  1. Dave Winer
    davewiner Eye-opening story about use of Twitter at the NY Times. Must-read. http://tr.im/loi4
  2. Nieman Lab
    NiemanLab “Why journalists deserve low pay” — economics of journalism, brilliantly explained. With a hed to hook you http://tr.im/lOmf (via @amonck)
  3. Andy Dickinson
    digidickinson RT @einarthorsen: Very neat thematic maps editor by Up2Maps. Great for journalists and researchers to illustrate data. http://tr.im/mTbj
  4. Patrick LaForge
    palafo 100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter http://bit.ly/rwnym (RT @iamkhayyam et al)
  5. Mr Anderson
    kevglobal Knight Citizen News Network (freebie list): low-cost and no cost tools for citizen (and pro) journalists http://is.gd/KtPg
  6. Patrick Thornton
    jiconoclast 5 years ago do you like 3 different news orgs would have gotten together to make a podcast? Not likely: http://tr.im/ncOn
  7. Ryan Sholin
    ryansholin A longtime online news developer tries to help newspapers understand the Internet as Platform: http://bit.ly/9OvH7
  8. Adrian Monck
    amonck Why does anyone major in journalism? | Mindy McAdams [del.icio.us]: "I do not think universities commit fra.. http://tr.im/pjYX
  9. Mathew Ingram
    mathewi some smart thoughts (as always) from @fredwilson about Twitter vs. Google and the power of passed links: http://is.gd/1hycp
  10. Jay Rosen
    jayrosen_nyu NYtimes Opinionator: The Fight Over ‘Free’. With Gladwell, Anderson, Jarvis, Godin http://tr.im/qXE9 Good way to catch up on a live debate.
  11. Joey Baker
  12. ljthornton
    ljthornton Good example for class. Thanks! RT @malcolli: A story written and filed, with photos, from a mobile phone: http://bit.ly/8x1tr
  13. Howard Weaver
    howardweaver Serious pageviews for serious news at The Sacramento Bee: http://tr.im/ujV6 (via @jiconoclast)
  14. Saleem Khan
    saleemkhan “QOTD: “How to opt out of being Facebook’s corporate shill with privacy ad settings” http://bit.ly/vGUXL” [RT @MParekh]
  15. Scott Karp
    scottkarp “How many important stories are broken by Wall Street Journal then aped completely by Reuters, AP other news outlets?” http://bit.ly/gA6A0
  16. Gina Chen
    GinaMChen RT: @MediaTricks Journalism isn’t dead – it’s being reborn: http://is.gd/20xsO (via @romenesko)
  17. Daniel B. Honigman
    dan360man Reading: You’ve got a ton of Followers but are they Listening? http://post.ly/1xcg
  18. Daniel Bachhuber
    danielbachhuber 6 Steps to Kill Your Community (@photomatt) http://bit.ly/KccyV I bet most newspapers are batting a thousand on this list.
  19. Greg Linch
    greglinch Some of the best advice about videojournalism (non-TV) I’ve heard http://bit.ly/vdump

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