Tweetable links, newspapers should edition

I’m trying a new experiment today. Below are four comments (two from other sites, and two from Twitter) about what newspapers “should” do online. Click on the one-word label to read the comment or tweet in its original context, or click on “tweet” to share the comment with others on Twitter.

  • Community: “Techdirt’s Mike does make a good argument in which newspapers should focus on the community.” [tweet]
  • Access: “news organizations should look into charging for access, technology and services” [tweet]
  • Video: “Newspapers should be in the local web TV and video space.Maybe even local radio could get in on the act” [tweet]
  • Twitter: “the online New York Times should add a “Twitter this story” button. ” [tweet]

Leave a comment to let me know of other experiments you’ve seen that help connect people through links, and tell me if the “tweet” links are helpful or superfluous.