Popular: Brevity, Pew, revenue and Dolly Freed

DeliciousWhen is the last time you used Delicious as a discovery tool? That’s right, it’s good for more than just saving bookmarks.

Go to the Delicious popular tags page and (in the field labeled “Type a tag”) enter one word related to a topic you cover. Then hit the return button to get a list of relevant popular posts. For example, here are five popular items recently tagged “journalism.”

  1. How News Happens: You’ve likely read many blog posts about this Pew Research Center study that called 83% of the news they examined as “essentially repetitive.” Oh, this was the same one-city, six-storyline study that was blogged and tweeted ad nauseum with triumphant proclamations that 95% of originating reporting comes from traditional media. This link was first saved on Delicious by frasernz.
  2. There is no new revenue model for journalism: Robert Niles argues publishers need to review their three options for revenue generation. Then, they can “work to find a publishing and production model that allows a news publication to live within its current income means.” This link was first saved on Delicious by Daniel Latorre.
  3. Cut This Story! The Atlantic examines stories from The New York Times and The Washington Post says to make the point – in roughly 1,800 words – that newspaper articles are simply too long. This link was first saved on Delicious by smashcut_media.
  4. iPhone News Apps Compared: No, these aren’t the best tools for mobil journalists. Instead, it is a good roundup of 14 sites that deliver news on Apple’s device. This link was first saved on Delicious by hungrymarshall.
  5. Finding Dolly Freed: When The New York Times pulled a story two days before it was to run, freelance writer Paige Williams decided to transform her 1,200-word newspaper article into this web site. She also add a slightly humungous “support the journalist” button to accept PayPal donations. This link was first saved on Delicious by Katharine Beutner.