Journalism links and opportunities for Feb. 14

These are links to select web pages recently bookmarked by members of my network — and some opportunities inspired by those pages:

  • NYT Article Skimmer: Recreate the Sunday Morning Paper in Your Browser (from martinstabe) – New York Times interface lets you scan top headlines in every section of the Times, links to standard NYT pages. Opportunity: If people are having problems finding stories on your site, rethink navigation. [read or tweet
  • Reporting for New Media in Six Easy Steps! (from cophotog) – From slide 9: Write a story. OK, now replace all the quotes with links. Opportunity: Become a “trusted referrer” by always sending readers to trustworthy sites. [read or tweet]
  • Tina Brown and the fight to save journalism (from amonck) – From comments: Daily Beast … became one of my “check first” sites … because of its mix of topics, links and original content. Opportunity: Add links to your mix so that it can becom a “check first” site. [read or tweet]