For journalism, blogs top Delicious links

I often turn to social bookmarking site Delicious to find journalism-related links. I usually rely on my network’s journalism links, but recently visited the list of popular bookmarks tagged “journalism” by any Delicious users. One of the first things I noticed was that six of the links went to blog posts, compared to two articles, one guide and the transcript of one audio piece.

  1. Handbook of Journalism, a Reuters guide
  2. The Journalist’s Guide to YouTube a Mashable blog post
  3. Inside peek: How The New York Times uses blogs a VentureBeat blog post
  4. Google News shines a Spotlight on “in-depth” journalism a Nieman Journalism Lab blog post
  5. Taking The Plunge: How Newspaper Sites That Charge Are Faring, a paidContent article
  6. Top 10 Lies Newspaper Execs are Telling Themselves, a SimsBlog blog post
  7. Journalism’s biggest problems are not online: They’re inside, an Online Journalism Review blog post
  8. The post-daily world, a Sacramento News & Review article
  9. SEO lessons from Google News: How to promote your stories, straight from the bot’s mouth, a Nieman Journalism Lab blog post
  10. Why ‘GQ’ Doesn’t Want Russians To Read Its Story, an NPR transcript of an audio report

By the way, make sure to check out some of the people who are part of my network. Here is the ugly list: abyc, acknell, adders, agahran, agalvin, Agow, alexgamela, amonck, Bfraling, billgaffney, biz, blogschau, BrandonJMendelson, Carlysteven, ccadelago, chrisamico, codell, colin.meek, cophotog, copress, currybet, dan_10v11, davelee18, deanhopkins, Deedledee, denoted, depthreporting, digicade, DigiDave, digitaldickinson, dilyand, drewvigal, DuncanKinney, earleyedition, emilyingram, esmith13, eulken, florcoelho, franzstrasser, gleonhard, grapplica, greenergrad, greglinch, HardCoded, hart.liddell, howardowens, indiemaps, iusher, JanelleO, JasonFalls, Jimshady2k1, jitfong13, jlinabary, joannageary, jonathanhewett, joshhalliday, journalismdotme, jssilfies, jt.townend, jxmitchell, kanter, kgreenbaum, Kinare, kiyoshimartinez, kristilo, Kristina0513, laskaroy, laughtears,, lomoto, lynetter, macaetano, MacDiva, macloo, marcuswarren, mark_stephenson, martinrichardking, martinstabe, mathewi, migurski, music13, muz038, narendra, nicefishfilms, noodlepie, oldschool2012, palafo, paulb, paulbaker55, PaulBalcerak, PeterHimler, PStamatiou, ptd, rdsholin, reinventing, richardk, ringrocker, SandrinaJ, sarahintampa, schlomo, selfmadepsyche, shawn.smith, Shepherd76, sjcobrien, slouch, socialmediamarketing, solle, sonyanews, stethappens, steveouting, steverubel, suzanneyada, tami, teehanlax, thinkshawn, Van1023, vitaminoc, vizeds, w.clark, webcrafts, wilbertbaan, wildegirl, wordsforliving, wparker, yeltsinfina

2 thoughts on “For journalism, blogs top Delicious links

  1. Nice post. Thanks for posting your network too. I'm always looking to add like-minded folks to my network. Enjoying the blog too. Good info.

    • Thanks, Kim. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the blog. If you're on Delicious, feel free to share a link to your account, or others that you follow. Just like you, I'm always looking to build the network and keep learning.

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