Radio show shares content for free (Journalism links for Nov. 19)

These are select links tagged by members of my network on November 19.

If this were a “news about the news industry” blog, one of the only item to make this list would be a ReadWriteWeb article submitted by Will Sullivan (aka yeltsinfina).

Creative Commons Scores One of Its Biggest Wins Ever: Democracy Now! – “The Creative Commons Foundation announced today that award winning TV and radio news show Democracy Now! will now be distributed under a CC license.” This is important “news” in the traditional sense. This is the first time I’ve heard of a show with that scale of national distribution (through traditional media channels) is explicitly giving permission for its content to be redistributed without any “further permission as long as that reuse includes attribution of credit to the original source, the reuse is in a noncommercial context and the original content is used in whole with no derivative works are made.”

Now on to the rest of today’s list:

Moving on, sans-print

Looking back
Roles and responibilities
  • Jurnos as Community Managers (from agahran) – ” [J]urnos are responsible for creating a Web shell that serves as the go-to place for that topic. … In addition, community managers distribute the niche news organization’s content to other sites and social networks, as well as to other platforms, especially mobile. “
  • The rise of the journo-gurus (from alexgamela) – “But amid all this gloom a few hacks are doing better than ever. … These are the journo-gurus. They focus on business rather than the usual staple of high-profile journalism, politics.”
  • ‘Trust and integrity in the modern media’ (from alexgamela) – “This is the full transcript of a speech given by Chris Cramer, global head of multimedia for Reuters’ news operations, at Nottingham Trent University” on the night of November 17.