The Google-newsroom conspiracy theory

Search engines must be paying newsrooms to send them traffic. Okay, I’m sure that’s not true, but it feels like it is true when I read articles published by media companies online. Every day, I run into stories that might as well include these promotional bullet points:

  • Please go to Google to find the web site of the company I mentioned in this article.
  • Please go to Google to that report cited in this article.
  • Please go to Google to find more about the people in this article.
  • Please go to Google to learn more about the product mentioned in this article.
  • Please go to Google to find other news organizations’ reports about this incident.
  • Please go to Google to see exactly where this incident occurred.
  • Please go to Google if you want to follow links that don’t just point to our own past articles.
  • My gosh, this list can go on forever!

As a news consumer, I actually hate that I have to go to Google for that information all the time. I want articles to lead me to all that information, much like many blog posts do.

Advertising in the item, not the bundle

If a news organization makes money by displaying advertisements on its site, how can it continue to deliver those ad messages — and continue to generate the associated revenue — in a world where people find their news in bundles created by their friends and automated services?


This Mashable profile of Diner Connection is part of a series sponsored by Microsoft. Since the ad message and its links have been inserted in the post as the first paragraph, that message also is delivered in RSS feeds. This is how it appeared in my Google Reader.

Mashable sponsored item within Google Reader

The channel

If someone clicked on a link from their friend’s tweet to this ReadWriteWeb data visualization post, they would be met with a ReadWriteHack “channel” heavily branded by sponsor Intel. Like the example above, first paragraph includes a note about the series, along with links to the sponsor’s site.

Read Write Hack channel

The thanks

TechCrunch advertisers don’t only appear in designated ad spots on their site or within RSS feeds, they actually create blog posts like this one thanking their sponsors. The post includes two links to each advertiser, along with a short description of each company’s products or services.

TechCrunch sponsors in a single post

The stream

This one isn’t actually outside of the bundle, but shows how a publisher can integrate advertising directly into a site’s content bundle. The Mashable homepage simply displays excerpts of its posts in reverse chronological order. But injected into that stream are these posts from, and links to, their jobs site.

Mashable Jobs within a stream of content

Top sources for news about journalism (part one)

Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) has a great Twitter list of Top Journalism Linkers. I asked some of the people on that list to share their top sources for journalism news. Here are their replies.

  1. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan Question for @ckanal @jeffjarvis @mediatwit @mediagazer @cressman @mathewi: What’s your top source for journalism news?
  2. Megan McCarthy
    Megan @ksablan @AlexMurashko Mediagazer publishes our source leaderboard:
  3. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal @ksablan That’s a tough one. I have this list & check them all frequently @ckanal/media-analysis. Really like @rww & @mashable.
  4. Mark Glaser
    mediatwit @ksablan No top source for j-news. Romenesko, MediaShift, Nieman Lab, Mediabistro, Poynter, ReadWriteWeb all good.
  5. Mark Glaser
    mediatwit @ksablan Also: Howard Kurtz, IWantMedia, Mediagazer, BuzzMachine, On the Media, NewTeeVee and others.
  6. Mathew Ingram
    mathewi @ksablan: increasingly, I get my media news from @mediagazer — but also my list of media sources on Twitter
  7. Dale Cressman
    cressman Weirdly,it’s becoming Twitter. RT @ksablan: What’s your top source for journalism news?

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

Somehow, I made it into Rosen’s list, so here is where I get most of my information about journalism:

Share your sources

Where do you get news about news and journalism? Please share in the comments below and help other readers and me to stay current with the changing world of journalism.

How we covered #smday Orange County

Oscar is setting up the banner for #smdayoc on Twitpic

Last week, The Orange County Register hosted the fourth biggest Social Media Day gathering in the world. I work for the Register, but this is my personal blog. As such, the “we” in the title of this post does not to refer to the Register. Instead, this is a roundup of how “we” the people covered last week’s event.


We asked people to use the #smdayoc hashtag whenever posting anything related to the Orange County Social Media Day event. According to What the Hashtag, 281 people have included #smdayoc in a tweet within the last seven days. According to my calculations, during one hour of the event, a tweet containing #smdayoc was published every 14 seconds.



  • Meredith Simonds (@MeredithSimonds) wrote a wonderful blog post that touched on the Register’s social media efforts and a tour of the pressroom.
  • Longboards Ice Cream (@longboards) posted a blog entry full of pictures.
  • At the bottom of her blog post, Daniela Bolzmann (@DanielaBolzmann) did a great job listing and linking to many other #smdayoc blog posts and other coverage of the event.



  • Ted Nguyen also shot a video preview that he posted to CNN’s iReport.
  • Robert Watson (@TopBrokerOC), another speaker at Wednesday’s event, shared video of Register Publisher Terry Horne opening up #smdayoc.
  • @BodyByB used YouTube to share her reflections from Social Media Day.
  • When Zpizza in Tustin (@zpizza_tustin) provided free food for #smdayoc events, they recorded and shared video testimonials.
  • Eric Bryant (@TheRECoach) shot tons of video before, during and after the event and created a #smdayoc YouTube playlist with more than 30 clips. If you don’t get a chance to visit that list, please watch Bryant’s interview (below) with 91-year-old attendee John Vrba.


Share more

Were you at the event? Did you post anything related to the event? Have you come across other coverage. Share in the comments below, and don’t forget to save those #smdayoc pages on Delicious.