Post a day 2011: Thank you

Thank you, WordPress, for challenging bloggers to post at least once a day through 2011, and for launching your Daily Post blog. Although I’m running four days late, I accept your challenge and aim to post at least 362 entries by the end of the year.


I’m not sure why I stopped blogging in October, but I can explain why it is important that I revive this ritual.

The good people I work with report, shoot and write on a daily basis. If I produce content on a regular basis, it is easier for me to understand some of my colleagues’ challenges, and to create solutions.

I don’t blog

I’ve never felt comfortable with the label of “blogger,” so it’s strange to say that I’m “blogging” again.

What I’ve been doing here for two years has been linking, experimenting, analyzing, theorizing, shooting and recording. More than anything, I’ve been learning, and I’ve been using a blog to document that edumacation.

I “blog” as much as a recording saxophonist “studios” or as much as a shortstop “diamonds.” The platform does not define what I do. That’s probably why I enjoy it so much.

This platform allows me to use Storify to tell a Facebook storyDipity to showcase CNN’s technologyscreenr to explain a movement, and QuoteURL to aggregate sources — and it allows me to house all those experiments in one place.

Yup, I don’t blog, but man it feels nice to be blogging again.

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Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds via Flickr.