A conversation outside the walled garden

Many journalists strive to spark conversation. Of course, those conversations happen outside of your web site. If you wrote only for a newspaper, would you want people only to discuss issues as they stand around the newsstand?

With that, here is a short conversation that happened on Twitter, sparked by my post about linking in a traditional content management system.


Steve Myers isĀ Managing Editor at Poynter Online.

Twitter / meancode: @myersnews @amyjobr AFAIK most …

In his Linked In profile, Ken Edwards says he “launched bgnews.com, the Bowling Green State University web site for the student-run newspaper, The BG News” back in 1997. In this tweet, he includes AmyJo Brown (@amyjobr), who retweeted Myers’ original message.

Twitter / myersnews: @meancode Yes, most blogging …

Twitter / meancode: @myersnews You mean like iQue …

IQue is an “editorial workflow solution” made by a company calledĀ MediaSpan. They also make Transporter, which is described as an “automation and transformation engine.”

Twitter / meancode: @myersnews I assume you mean …

Twitter / meancode: @myersnews BTW, at BG News, …

One thought on “A conversation outside the walled garden

  1. Yep, AmyJo was a past EIC at The BG News. Our web site has gone full circle. It has been a pretty amazing ride. We started in 1997 doing the web site by hand, no CMS of any kind. At that time it was just a carbon copy of the print edition, too.

    Over the years we partnered with different companies. Most times the smaller one got bought out by the bigger one. Soon we were part of College Publisher (via ispi/New Digital) and then of course College Publisher got bought by MTV.

    We left a year after CP got taken over by MTV, which would have been 2009. Now the site runs on Movable Type Pro which I build and maintain.

    Our print world does not intersect with the web site, as far as articles are concerned. With the much beefed up XML support in InDesign CS5, I hope that I can make it much more automated, like Transporter did for us years ago.

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