Twitter links become newspapers with examines links that you share on Twitter, and links shared by people you follow, to produce what it calls a “daily newspaper.” The results are mixed but promising for a service that is in its “alpha” stage.

This service is very similar to Twitter Times, which I looked at last year.


You don’t have to be the owner of a Twitter account to create a newspaper, so I decided to make a paper for @tweetmeme, which tracks popular links on Twitter. Here is what deduced from links shared by Tweetmeme and the 5,512 users it follows.

You might want to check out newspapers from these other Twitter trend trackers: Twitscoop TrendsTrending Topics and Twitturly.


Contrast trendy papers to a newspaper culled from the links shared by CUNY journalism professor Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) and the people he follows. "newspaper" by @jeffjarvis

Here are daily newspapers from other forward-thinking news people: Clay Shirky (NYU), Mathew Ingram (GigaOM) and Patrick LaForge (New York Times).


Here are some features I would love to see in the next version of

  • Ranking: Stories/posts should be ordered according to the number of my friends who are sharing each link.
  • Lists: Create sections of my paper based on the Twitter lists that I’ve created.
  • Clicks: Watch what I click on. If you see that I frequently click on links shared by a certain user, give that person’s links more weight in the rankings. Maybe create a scoring system.
  • Strike: Let me remove items that don’t interest me. When I remove an item, decrease the score of my friends who shared that link.
  • Edit: I want to modify some of those funky headlines.
  • Timeliness: Since is billed as a daily newspaper, you can file this under unreasonable. Still, I would love to see a service that looks at my current stream and presents it in a similar fashion to and Twitter Times.