Should real-time search results end?

Journalists have traditionally decided when a story ends, taking into consideration the amount of new information, open questions, public interest and a slew of other factors.

But when do stories powered by streams of information end? Each image below links to news about President Barack Obama and the Nobel Prize, as gathered by real-time search engines. These engines are the closest thing to my storystreaming concept.

The story last week was that Obama won the prize. Is that story done? Do the streams below advance the story or reveal new ones? Would it be a good idea to stop streams once a story is done? Would an archive of such streams be useful? Could those archives be edited to become another encyclopedic resource? Should people not expect real-time search to provide relevant information after a story is over?

Please help me answer these questions before I discuss the storystreaming concept with Daniel HonigmanMark Krynsky and Mona Nomura on Wednesday at the 140 character conference.

Now, for the real-time search results about last week’s story:


OneRiot results for obama nobel


Scoopler results for obama nobel


Topsy results for obama nobel


Twazzup results for obama nobel