More on storystreaming, Purefold and … Blade Runner?

After posting my idea for a platform that would allow any piece of content to blossom into a real-time curated story powered by social media, Kol Tregaskes pointed out a similar project called Purefold.

Purefold also aims to gather content from users to create a cohesive story. It seems to be aimed more for entertainment, marketing and advertising, but the similarities with storystreaming are undeniable. The project is being developed by Ag8 and Free Scott, a new entertainment division from film directors Tony and Ridley Scott.

The concept, and the tie to Blade Runner, is described in this video with Blade Runner director Ridley Scott and Ag8’s David Bausola and Tom Himpe.

As I was chatting with Joey Baker about the idea last night (make sure to check out Joey’s related Vancouver Project), Bausola joined the conversation and I was able to ask him some questions about Purefold. Here is the information he shared.

  1. zeroinfluencer
    zeroinfluencer @ksablan @joeybaker With Purefold, we utilizes the aggregation of bespoke RSS feeds to construct the narrative relevancy for particpants.
  2. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan @zeroinfluencer Yes. I think I understand from video. The idea seems to parallel some thinking about gathering and “publishing” of news.
  3. zeroinfluencer
    zeroinfluencer @ksablan Exactly; the operation is designed to run like a news room with film makers – objective is real time storytelling.
  4. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan @zeroinfluencer As the number of people sharing INFORMATION in real-time increases, so does the need for real-time STORYTELLING tools.
  5. zeroinfluencer
    zeroinfluencer @ksablan The structure of storytelling changes too; narrative ‘universes’ have to connect just like their audiences do. #singularity #CC
  6. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan @zeroinfluencer Figgis’ Timecode goes online. With varying types of elements (video, text, audio), wonder if best to start w/chrono timeline
  7. zeroinfluencer
    zeroinfluencer @ksablan Synchronicity is important, but there is no real need for timeline in singularity storytelling; events are clustered not sequenced.
  8. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan @zeroinfluencer Interesting. When do you plan on having a sample Purefold “story” to show publicly?
  9. zeroinfluencer
    zeroinfluencer @ksablan They are roughly 40 prototypes on Friendfeed, but we need to explain a few ‘how to’ first – expect those within next few weeks.

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Update: Here is a link to Purefold Discussions group in Friendfeed.

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