If Paper.li married My6Sense

While I was thinking out loud about how Paper.li might look if it ranked news based on how I interacted with them, Tac Anderson suggested a marriage between My6Sense and Paper.li. To that, My6Sense’s Louis Gray replied that his company’s benefit would be “to be the Web’s personalization broker.”

Take a look at any Paper.li paper — my J Daily for example — and imagine if that page changed based on how you interacted with each item.

  • Stories written by a certain author could rank higher if you frequently read her posts.
  • Articles from a particular site could rank lower if you rarely clicked on those links.
  • Links shared by some friends could rank higher if you frequently clicked on them. They might be called “favorite” friends.
  • Links shared by friends of favorite friends could rank higher because of their association.
  • If you frequently retweeted links from specific friends, that friend’s links could rank higher.
  • Maybe pictures (but not blog posts) shared by one friend could be ranked higher because you often click on them.
  • The whole page could be ranked with consideration of my interactions with the My6Sense mobile app.

Note that I don’t actually know the details of My6Sense’s algorithm, so these are just my own crazy ideas.