6 Ways to add tweets to your story

As I continue to explore the details for a storystreaming platform, I need to figure out how tweets should be integrated into a story. The challenge, of course, is that there is no one right way. Just as a third person point of view works for some stories, but not all, tweets will need to be presented in a way that is conducive to the story being told.

Here are a few ways that I’ve seen people include tweets into blog posts and articles. Each image is linked to the original story, so please click on them to fully appreciate the way that each presentation works within the story.

How have you seen tweets integrated into articles and blog posts? Please add links to examples in the comments below.

Quotes in a paragraph

Tweet quoted in a paragraph

Indented block of text

Tweets in block quote

Screenshot of small tweet

Twitter avatar is included with this type of display

Screenshot of large tweet

This presentation makes the tweet the focus

Screenshot of multiple tweets

Two or more tweets this big dominate a page

Multiple tweets with links preserved

Textual Twitter conversation with avatars